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Get to Know Sailor

Sailor Guevara is an accomplished and highly regarded Spirits Specialist, Hospitality Veteran, Digital Media Specialist, Published Author, Podcast Host, and Award-Winning Mixologist who has been making significant contributions to the Spirits Industry for over 30 years. Sailor's expertise and passion for advocating for the spirits industry earned her the prestigious Icon of Whiskey Ambassador Award in 2020, which recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to advancing understanding and appreciation for the craft of whiskey making.

Sailor's love for music and travel has shaped her career as an award-winning Mixologist, Program Director, Spirits Consultant, and contributor to several spirits publications. Having lived in different parts of the world, specializing in cultural-based hospitality, and observing various mixology methods, Sailor has become a renowned and respected figure in the Bar and Spirits Industry, having earned a reputation for her unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

Sailor is the Executive Director of Good Deeds Spirits, a passionate collective of distillers and friends committed to supporting causes that lead to positive change. From coast to coast, partner distilleries have shared their spirits, time, and energy to raise funds for causes that share their values and mission: to be a force for good. Each Good Deeds release benefits a cause, with a majority percentage of revenues going directly back to each beneficiary. 

To Sailor, her work in the Spirits and Hospitality Industry has been much more than just a job. It is about cultivating abundant relationships and sharing the stories behind the spirits with the world.

Besides her work in the Spirits Industry, Sailor is a lifelong Animal Rescuer, Brand Ambassador, and past Mentor for the American Craft Spirits STEPUP Internship.

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